Understand Your Child’s Nutritional Needs Program



This program is best if you want to understand your child’s underlying nutrition issues and needs in order to provide you with a nutritional starting point to changing your child’s diet. This will include the specific diet that would best suit your child based on their specific behaviors and food preferences.



  • 1-1.5 hour comprehensive pediatric nutrition assessment
  • The nutritionist will put an extensive package together including an analysis of current issues in diet and potential causes of this, What current nutrition and dietary recommendations are needed that can potentially be influencing behaviors, provide step one of the nutrition plan, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, supplement recommendations and potential additional testing recommendations. It also includes a list of resources and strategies to assist with increasing your client’s repertoire of foods.
  • 1 hour consult to review the findings and provide the nutrition program
  • After the initial consult you will be provided with the comprehensive individualized nutrition program for your child.