Permeability + Food Sensitivities (24)




Zonulin is a protein found in intestinal cells and is responsible for controlling the tight junctions of the intestinal lining. It is a quantitative measurement of a key bio marker in determining increased intestinal permeability, often called “Leaky Gut.”

Leaky Gut’ is when the intestinal lining becomes abnormally permeable, allowing bacteria, food and other large molecules to pass through which can give rise to food sensitivities as well as many other clinical symptoms.

Test for 24 foods for food sensitivity.

Food sensitivity is a delayed reaction that occurs hours to days after food intake. When a reactive food is consumed, antibodies form complexes with food proteins, these complexes can enter various parts of the body, resulting in an inflammatory response and clinical symptoms.

The Total IgG Food Sensitivity Test measures the presence of IgG antibodies to these specific food proteins produced by the immune system.

This test can also help to determine possible sources of enzyme imbalances, such as the stomach, pancreas and/or biliary system, as well as bacterial imbalance (dysbiosis).


This lab test includes:

  • Requisition form
  • Dried Blood Sport Collection Instruction booklet
  • 4 Lancets (for pricking skin)
  • Alcohol swaps
  • Band-Aid
  • Blood spot collection example
  • Self-enclosed envelope to send sample and completed requisition form off

Return and Refund Policy

If the sample is rejected (for example not enough blood collected) we can send you another kit to complete the testing at no extra charge.

Shipping Info

You will receive the test kit with instructions on how to complete the testing. Please read thoroughly and complete as specified to avoid sample rejection. Each Intestinal iQ™ test kit comes with a return pre-paid envelope to be sent via Canada Post. Return your dried blood spot sample to Fluids IQ in the envelope provided. You must ship within 24 hours of completing the test.

We ship anywhere in Canada.