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Trish Krause


Trish Krause is certified holistic nutritionist (CNP) with Koru Nutrition. Trish helps clients to forge a new and more sustainable path towards feeling better, looking better and being healthier, today and for the future through practical, evidence-driven nutrition and wellness information.

Trish graduated with First Class Honours from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2012. In addition to her formal certification as a clinical nutritionist, she has undertaken additional studies and training to enhance her understanding and expertise in the area of diabetes and blood sugar management, nutrition and mental health, women’s hormonal health, behavioural coaching for disordered eating, nutrition for recovery from cancer treatment, among other critical topics. She is accredited as a registered holistic nutritional practitioner (RNCP) through the International Organization of Nutrition Consultants (IONC).

Her focus is on supporting and educating individuals seeking solutions for the following issues:

  • hormone imbalances
  • obesity
  • auto-immune disorders
  • digestive distress
  • mental health
  • chronic pain
  • brain injury and other neurological conditions
    and other chronic health concerns.

A former journalist, Trish is the author of an e-book entitled Facts About Fat: Why it’s so D#mn Hard to Lose. A second educational wellness book is now underway with publication expected in 2019. She has written informative columns and articles for a variety of online and print publications including Spinal Cord Ontario (formerly CPA) magazine, Muskoka Daily, Local Magazine, Divorce, Family Lawyer, Good Food Now, 50+ Magazine among others.

As a past board member of the Aphasia Institute, Trish is familiar with challenges that may arise from acquired brain injury, stroke or other neurological conditions that may impede conversation and is equipped to handle them smoothly and with grace. She’s a yoga and meditation teacher and as an advocate of active aging, she develops community programming to educate and support women aged 50+ to remain empowered, vital and engaged in their own health and life.

Beyond her passion for nutrition, Trish invests her time in supporting the visual and performing arts and artists, both in Kingston and in Prince Edward County, where she and her partner own a farm that lovingly houses honeybee hives. They are proud guardians of a retired racing greyhound who, true to his status as a retiree, prefers the couch to accompanying Trish on her 5K/10K training runs.

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