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Why take nutritional supplements?

There are many instances where taking a nutritional supplement may be advantageous for an individual’s health. At Koru Nutrition, we are trained experts in assessing your nutritional needs and recommending the appropriate nutrition program, which may include nutritional supplements. Here are some of the cases where we might suggest a nutritional supplement is right for you:

  • Nutritional supplements can help bridge the gap if a person can’t get the specific nutrients from their diet alone.
  • The body has an increased demand for specific nutrients during times of stress, trauma and when addressing health conditions and complications.
  • Food alone may not be able to provide the nutrient levels required for therapeutic effect.
  • Certain medications deplete nutrients and therefore supplementing to help compensate for this loss maybe required.
  • Nutrients are often lost in the processing of many of the foods we eat.
  • Following trauma or illness people can often experience compromised digestive systems, which can lead to a decrease in nutrient absorption and nutrient deficiencies.

Need individual supplements or custom packages?

You can access our full Koru Nutrition Online Dispensary to purchase individual supplements or to create your own custom supplement packages.


Although supplements have many advantages there can sometimes be contraindications. Please feel free to contact Koru Nutrition if you have any questions or concerns with regards to the supplements. Please check with your health practitioner if you are on medications or have any health complications before ordering.

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