“Every member of the Koru Nutrition team has been an absolute pleasure to work with. For many of our shared clients they are a key component to collaborative community programming to address complex nutrition needs, as well as innovative approaches for brain health and spinal cord injury health. Their nutritional support is a fantastic contribution to our client’s recovery programs, and everyone loves them!”

– Leigh Craney, Case Manager
Leigh Craney and Associates Case Management

“I have worked with the nutritionist and dieitians at Koru Nutrition for many years. I have found them knowledgable and, most important, they remain up to date on the latest research. I have also found that they take all aspects of a person’s lifestyle into account when working with their clients. Great service!”

– Susan Cook, Occupational Therapist
Abilities Rehabilitation

“Kylie and her team at Koru are incredibly professional and a spectacular group to work with. Their holistic nutritionists, dieticians and naturopathic doctors create custom and tailored programs for a wide range of conditions using the most up to date evidence and research. I would highly recommend Koru Nutrition to anybody looking for a top notch nutrition program!”

Kyle Whaley

Physiotherapist, Propel Physiotherapy

“Koru Nutrition is extremely professional and friendly. They understand the challenges that people have with trying to change their diet and eat healthy. They meet the client where they are at. Their nutritionist are well versed on the latest research and they communicate it effectively which creates great results for our clients.”

– Arvinder Gaya

“I love working with Koru Nutrition. Over the years I have worked with Kylie and her team of Nutritionists. They are qualified, competent and consistent. Whether our clients live in Yorkville, the many suburbs of the GTA or a Native reserve, Koru Nutrition has been able to benefit the quality of life for our shared clients. Give them a try and see for yourself!”

– Kris Mamaril

“Koru Nutrition has a wonderful team that wonderfully integrates in to multidisciplinary needs and addresses so many of our clients struggles from a holistic approach. Their team of Dieticians and Nutritionists bring a dynamic component to our client’s rehab programming. One thing that stands out to me about this team is their collaborative approach to everything. They are consistently working with every scope to ensure that their clients are set up for success while remaining open minded and creative when it comes to implementing nutrition and dietary focused goals. its an absolute pleasure working with the KORU team.”

Justin Kline

Founder, Anchor Rehab Support Services, Inc.

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