7-Day Cancer Prevention Meal Plan (PDF)


With recipes ranging from a Coconut Flour Pancakes and Lentil Tahini Burgers to Chilli, Chicken Bruschetta and Coconut Almond Cups… taking action to help prevent cancer has never been more rewarding!

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A cancer-preventative diet doesn't have to be complicated or full of obscure foods!

Our team of Nutritionists at Koru Nutrition developed this 7-day Cancer Prevention meal plan to be chock-full of vegetables, plant-based, and with a variety types of anti-oxidant rich berries. Plus, the meals are colourful and appealing!

As an added bonus, all meals are gluten and dairy free – but you won’t even notice with these delicious recipes!

We wanted to share the best value possible, so there are approximately 40 recipes packed into this plan, including 3 tasty desserts. We’ve even composed the grocery list so planning your next visit to the grocery is stress-free!

With an investment of only $9, that’s about 20 cents per recipe!

Take control of your own health, and help reduce your risk of cancer by incorporating cancer preventing foods into your everyday diet.

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