Menopause Meal Plan (PDF)


With recipes ranging from Lemon Pesto Pasta and Falafel Salad to Berry Nut Breakfast Bowl and Flaxseed Pudding Parfait… implementing a menopause-supporting diet has never been simpler, or tasted better!

Menopause symptoms affect nearly every woman at some point in their lives. If you are looking to support your transition through menopause, or want to support someone you love -- look no further!

Our team of Nutritionists at Koru Nutrition developed this 7-day Menopause-Supporting Meal Plan to meet your nutritional needs and include therapeutic foods to help reduce uncomfortable symptoms like hot flashes, bloating and weight gain. Plus, it's delicious!

The plan is also gluten and dairy for those of you with allergies. But, don't worry, if you aren't accustomed to eating gluten and dairy-free, you won't even notice these foods are missing!

It's important to us to provide the best value we can, while still managing the time required in the kitchen. So, you'll find over 30 recipes in this downloadable PDF!

If you, or someone you love, would benefit from supporting their body during or after menopause -- then this may just be the meal plan for you!