Veronica Qubrossi Registered Holistic Nutritionist Kitchener Waterloo

Holistic Nutritionist

Area: Kitchener-Waterloo

Veronica Qubrossi


Veronica Qubrossi is a holistic nutritionist with Koru Nutrition. As a brain injury survivor herself, she brings unique experience to the Koru team. She also cared for her husband after severe spinal and nervous system injuries as the result of a motor vehicle accident. Since her injury, Veronica has become intimately familiar with the benefits of therapeutic diets such as the ketogenic diet and autoimmune protocol.

Veronica is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP). She graduated from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition (IHN) with First Class Honours in 2010. She is also an active member of the International Organization of Nutrition Consultants (IONC), where she maintains her standing as a registered nutritional consulting practitioner (RNCP) and a rgistered orthomolecular health practitioner (ROHP). Veronica has always made continued education a priority. Among the dozens of supplementary courses she has taken part in to further her knowledge, she was certified as a culinary nutrition expert (CNE) in 2014.

Veronica’s area of practise includes:

  • brain injury
  • chronic pain
  • sleep issues
  • weight management
  • pediatrics/Autism
  • digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, and addiction
  • hormonal imbalances including thyroid disorders, infertility, and PCOS.

Veronica also worked as managing director for Healthoholics and her tasks included workplace wellness, public education, clinical management and business development.

Outside of her work as a nutritionist, Veronica has a keen interest in real estate, architecture, and interior design and enjoys dabbling in small real estate development projects. When she isn’t working you will likely find her spending time with her 6-year-old daughter or enjoying a meal with extended family.

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